Thursday, July 26, 2012

Everything happens for a reason!

Today was a special day at the store!  For one, I am very grateful for all the customers  both new and repeat that came into see me and do a little shopping.  But secondly, I had a return out of town customer whom fell in love with my mixed media canvas which was on display.  Apparently she was moved by it and asked if she could purchase it for her adult daughter.  Her daughter, she said, is recovering from an addiction and she shared her fears and hopes for her daughter.  She felt this canvas would be a source of inspiration to her.  This mixed media canvas was designed after inspiration from Gabriella Pollacco and I had planned to share it and techniques used to make it with Paper Mermaids customers in August.  Part of me wanted to scream "oh no that's for my class" but instead  I will be making another soon but wanted to share a photo, of the one that went home to her daughter, with you.  I feel blessed to have shared in something so special.



  1. Beautiful and inspiring. Plus I think I need to come out for this class!

  2. Wow, that is BEAUTIFUL, Carol! Can't believe I missed this post ... and what a touching story!!